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became a non profit organization in 2004 – #81-0551093, in honor of Tommie’s Legacy. Our Mission: To empower youth and their families to make smart choices that promote a healthy lifestyle. Carr takes a noval approach to focus on prevention and intervention, highlighting family of the patient. Carr uses whimsical and inventive characters to transfer accredited material into practical applications dealing with topical subject matters that transcends cultural differences.

CARR’s Board of Directors consist of individuals who have many years of health care, medical, marketing and legal experience and are vested in helping others to help themselves.Dibetes Type 2, which includes high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease and even blindness, is at epidemic levels. 25.8 million children and undiagnosed and 79 million have prediadetic conditions. Total cost of diabetes in the U.S. in 2012 is $245 billion and $69 billion in reduced productivity.

While in Africa, our CEO adopted the philosophy of “teach one villager and the village will learn” and the influence of storytelling. CARR’s educational materials encourages ownership through imagination & resourcefulness reinforcing the fact that knowledge is power.

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What people are saying...

“Through the use of friendly characters, interactive games and storytelling, The CARR Foundation encourages kids to have fun while taking an active role in their health.”

“Very creative and cutting edge.  Simple and straightforward, informative and educational.”

“Learning about healthy living is critical to ensuring that good habits start early and become a cornerstone in a young person’s life.  I have forwarded your innovative project onto Secretary Kim Belshi at the California Health and Human Services Agency.”

“The founder of the CARR Foundation, Ginger Guagni, is a Safe Kids Now partner who is dedicated to empowering children in every community.  Her creative, whimsical characters inspire children to make smart choices for a healthier lifestyle to help them control diabetes and prevent obesity.”

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